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Tuition-free K-12 online public school

Choosing the right school makes all the difference

When students feel safe and supported, they are open to learning. And when they are given the right amount of challenge and reward, they thrive.

That’s why at Reach Cyber Charter School, parents and caring, certified teachers collaborate to give students the individual attention they need, whether that’s through accelerated courses or extra support for struggling students.

See how Reach Cyber Charter School brings out the best in every student!


Your student will grow academically and socially through:

  • Tuition-free online school for grades K-12
  • Caring, certified teachers trained to teach online
  • High-quality curriculum with electives at every grade level
  • Teachers and parents who work together to support learning

Renew a love of learning!

Reach Cyber Charter School is a good fit for students who:

  • Need a supportive learning environment
  • Need caring, certified teachers to cultivate learning
  • May not thrive in a traditional school setting
  • Need more time or flexible pacing
  • Seek a STEM-focused college prep school experience
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You’ll love the results. Your student will love the experience.

of students are satisfied with the program
of parents would recommend it to a friend

“I believe the whole curriculum is great. What my son needed was a challenge and an opportunity to show his abilities. That’s what Connections Academy offers.”

— Tony, online program parent

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