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Grades K–12

  • Currently serving grades K–12 students
  • Featuring engaging, online curriculum designed by experts

Certified Teachers

  • Utah-certified teachers specially trained in online learning
  • Providing personalized support to inspire lifelong learning

Public School

  • Fully virtual with no tuition
  • Designed to accommodate all types of learners

Why Learn Online

Leading Utah Students Forward

Utah Connections Academy is a great choice for students who want to:
  • Find a more flexible learning schedule
  • Pursue a passion like youth athletics, the arts and more
  • Take academically advanced and college preparatory classes
  • Receive specialized support to help with learning challenges
  • Gain real-world career and technical skills
  • Attend school in a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Find a public school alternative to homeschooling
Multi Family Learning at Connections Academy Utah


High-Quality Online Education

Every student can find a place at Utah Connections Academy: whether your child is striving for college, wants to start work after graduation, or needs extra support, we’ll help prepare them for a changing world. Our students come from all over Utah and found a school that works for who they are. We’ll partner with you to help your child learn in a way that’s right for them. No matter where they are now, or where they hope to go.

Image of a young girl in a denim shirt writing on a piece of paper.

Individualized learning plans that fit each student’s needs

We review every student’s background and learning needs and put together a plan that nurtures their passions and helps them overcome their challenges. As they progress, we adjust their plan to meet their changing needs with engaging curriculum designed by online learning experts. 

Image of a young student in a red and black plaid shirt looking at a laptop watching an online teacher give a class for Connections Academy.

One-on-one support

Our teachers make sure students are thriving and are quick to act whenever any student struggles. Whether a student needs additional resources, time with a counselor or one-on-one instruction, they’ll receive the right support. 

Image of a female online teacher for Connections Academy giving an online class lecture. She is wearing a blue polka dot shirt.

Caring teachers eager to collaborate

Every Utah Connections Academy teacher is specially trained in online education and state certified. Whatever a student’s particular needs, our teachers work with them to ensure they can succeed in school and in the real world and build connections with every student. 

Image of a learning coach with her two young daughters looking at a laptop during an online class for Connections Academy.

Parents as partners

As your child’s Learning Coach, you will be there to support their learning and celebrate their successes. And we’ll be right by your side, ensuring you have the resources you need. 

Image of two young male students smiling and laughing about something funny, both are wearing blue shirts.

Socializing with friends online and in-person

From Live Lesson® classes to virtual clubs and voluntary in-person field trips, your child will have plenty of opportunity to meet and make friends with other students. 


Hear Directly From Our Families


Of parents would recommend Connections Academy.


Of parents are satisfied with the helpfullness of their child's Connections Academy teacher.


Of parents agree the Connections Academy curriculum is high-quality.

*Based on the 2023 Parent Satisfaction Survey.

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